Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Preparing for the Next Phase

For those of you who have assessed that it is right for you to continue with us, we will soon be ready to continue with you.

Many of you have been asked to isolate yourselves from what you have known. This is part of your preparation. We have needed to isolate you so that you may be cleared of past conditioning and fears. We realize it has challenged you greatly. Your world is being divided among those who wish to be in fear based and those ready to progress. It may appear that more wish to continue in fear than those who wish to come from love but that is not what we see taking place.

Many among you choose love. Many of you are ready to move beyond doctrine and emotions of fear and trepidations. As you take time to isolate and clear yourselves of these old beliefs, you will soon recognize your spirit forms are transforming and taking new shape. As this takes place, new beliefs will emerge and you will start to gleam your direction and purpose. You are in a place where you will succeed in this shift. A lovely outcome is guaranteed. This outcome may appear differently from what you envisioned but it will be perfect for you and your work and lives. Hold to your power and center. Allow your true light to emerge. This will be key to your growth and transformations. You are each ready for that which your destiny holds for you. You will receive help along the way.

We honor each of you for your willingness to grow and evolve on your true paths.


Yahweh and the Keepers of the Light