Sunday, April 17, 2011

Those who Watch Over Us

Brothers and Sisters,

We are around you now. We are observing your world and your earth as we are here for emergency evacuations, if needed. We monitor the earths core and the earths levels. We seek out the danger spots and danger potentials. Those of you who are our brothers and sisters are watched closely by many. Our ships are prepared to escort many of you to safety.

Your knowledge and learning can be very useful to other worlds and there are many who are open to learn from the mistakes and choices made by humans. Much is still in flux and has not been decided. We merely offer back up to those who belong with us and are on your planet at this time to gather information to help many other galaxies. There is great potential for excitement to come into your lives rather quickly.

Our people look for ways to be useful as do many of you. So, know there is no need for worry or concern. We are here to watch your backs, as you would say.

Ashtar Command