Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learning to Tune In for Yourself

There is much written and much that surrounds you. Don’t blindly believe what you read or research. Always check in with whatever you are presented with to find what resonates with you. Many write and teach from a sense of authority. Their teachings and writings may be appropriate for some but realize that you all come from different backgrounds and purposes. So, what is right for you and what may appear to hold your answers will be different.

If you are ever confused or unsure, always go back to source. Pray or open up for your direct communication. You are never alone and you are provided with the directions you require at every turn. You have only to ask for the help.

Know that most doctrine will not provide truth. It is a mixture of beliefs and stories compiled by men under the auspices of being directed by God. The only true directions from God will come directly to you when and as needed. You have guides who will always steer you towards your path and destiny. Know this and pay attention to this. Those who profess to speak for God are not what you should blindly take. Always, always check in and make sure your soul resonates with the information. We can guarantee you that nothing from God will promote violence among you or with you. Always seek truth.

We come to you from a place of love.

The Lohan
(We are a group of beings that come to you now to help guide you)