Sunday, April 24, 2011

Know Yourself and Own Your Own Power!

Others may not take away what you truly are, meaning that they do not see the real you. They may teach you to obscure your true self. Others may help you block your path or knowledge of your path or true self but you will always hold your inner being within you. You each may tap into what is within yourself. Your power is always in you. You don’t need to play the game of allowing others to define you.

The labels and ways of defining you are not the tasks of others, even when it seems that others constantly do that. Those labels only exist when you choose to own them. Others don’t really need to know who or what you really are. That is your responsibility to know yourself.

So, when you feel lost or disconnected, go within yourself and access the truth within in you. Your soul holds the key to much that you seek. Follow the path that is authentic to you and aligned with your soul purposes and desires.