Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Check What is Right For You!

Dear Ones,

We are at a point where those of you who read our words and messages must assess if our work is right for you. There is a shift happening and divisions are being drawn. We wish to serve those who belong with us. If our work is not in resonance with you, you must realize it and be able to step away from us. What you need will then come through.

If you are resonant with us, you are welcome to continue with us on this path. We just ask that you be honest. Our future messages will only resonate with those who belong with us. Our work is to prepare some of you for the future lives you have agreed to. Those of a different resonance will need to pursue other outposts for your directions and guidance. There are many who teach different lessons, at different levels. Just check in and see what is right for you and your path and journey. Take the time you need to assess what is right for you. Always be true to your own path.

As you release what is not right for you, you open up space. Whenever anything comes your way, tune in and see if it is right for you. There is nothing wrong with saying no to something that is not in alignment with you. It could be in alignment at another time but it doesn’t have to be. This is a stage of refinement where you shift your focus to what belongs on your path with you. Each will soon be able to get their own information soon enough. We are here for extra support for those who need it. Remember you are never alone. Your individual teams are always with you on your side and guiding your every step. You have only to ask for help and it is there.


The God Head