Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guides and Perspectives

Blessed Ones,

What are your expectations of us? What do you imagine us to be and how do you expect us to function and exist? We know that you have a lot of situations that feed information to you and help you conjure images of us.

When you actually see us and receive us as we are, you will often be quite surprised. We take energy and transmit it. The images that you perceive may be adjusted to your expectations. Now take this thought and look at how you affect different aspects of your own lives. You have been taught to take different pieces and impose them or try and put them together with other aspects and energy.

We offer this exercise as just a way to help you view things differently. Try taking a situation and removing your expectations of how things should be and any need you may have to control the situation or outcomes. What happens when this takes place. What happens when you can release the need to control or figure the answer out for situations? It is good for you to learn to get out of your perceptions of existences and outcomes. Just try it and see what shows up. You might actually enjoy it. It is good to shake up your belief systems at times.

The Mediators