Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Blessed Ones,

Think not that there are beings who wish you harm that have been sent to you from the Creator. For this is no Divine Being who would treat you so. Mankind created many stories about beings being sent by God to destroy humans and what you have created but that is not how we work. Humans were looking for explanations about why things happened as they did. They did not understand that there was a plan and things were happening accordingly. They did not understand that the earth was a living, breathing entity that was growing and evolving. As part of that, the earth would have earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other forms of shifting taking place.

Humans are but visitors to the planet you perceive as home. You come and go as your spirit is able. You are just on your host while the planet evolves. Those who leave will go into another sphere of existence and those who stay will carry on as the plan is for them. It is not a punishment but a gift of grace given to you. Your soul has embarked on a journey and you have chosen this specific phase. We realize that when you are in such a powerful shift, it does not feel like a gift. Your spirit starts over, at many stages in existence. Where many get stuck is in staying put on land or a specific area of ground. If you were to open to where your spirit needs you to be, you would know that you will be where you are supposed to be. It is only when you get stubborn and refuse to move or leave for specific reasons that you will experience what you perceive as trouble.

Your world is going through a growth spurt that will last for the next 50 or 60 years. During this, much will be changed in your physical plane and you will notice that your earth configuration will shift greatly during this phase. Weather patterns may seem more intense and you will see things that no other humans have seen. There are some species that have been part of this but humans did not exist at that time of your history.

The changes taking place are not for you to change or alter. You have agreed to partake in this phase or you would not be alive during it. For those who leave during this phase, you have also chosen this long before birth. This is a time of re-creation. So, mourn not for this and fret not. Look to this as a chance to rebuild into something that works better for the next phase of existence. Now hear thee our words and know all is in order, even when it looks like chaos.


The God Force