Thursday, April 28, 2011

Doctrine versus Light Being Communication

We are bringers of light to mankind. We speak through many of you who are part of us but our lessons and information may vary. Many of you have tried to mix the lessons you receive from your teams and energies with what you are taught through literature and scriptures. You are comparing energies that don’t necessarily work together.

To progress to this next phase, you will need to be able to separate out what you have had drummed into your heads with a purer form of the energy that you receive from your teams. You must learn to receive directly from your sources and it doesn’t need to be a difficult piece to add. Just simply clear yourselves and tune into your source energy. Summon your connection to source and see what comes through. Keep a clear connection and let that provide you with your necessary information.

As this connection progresses, you will each be sent more and more onto your own journeys. Whatever you need will be provided on the way. You will travel lightly down this path. There is no need for stuff and anything that bogs you down. Friends and family may be reconfigured for this element of the journey. Meaning, you will find some people go away and others come in. There is no need for concern. All that is needed will be provided for all who are open to the energy path ahead.

When people find that they don’t have something they think that they need, it is because they are imposing ego energy into the equation and thinking they need something that isn’t really necessary. So, clear away any fears or concerns you have and know in this path, you are in a place of love and all will be as it needs to be.


Uriel and the Gate Keepers