Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hallelujah and Amen. Praise in the glory of the highest. Be thee aware that the gates of heaven are upon all of thee who will enter.

My brothers and sisters,

We shine great light on those that will receive it. Many will join us in this plane of existence for it is soon time to make the way of light upon the earth. The light has always been there for those who would see it. Many overlook what is really present because you will not pay attention. The filters that many place upon themselves block the view of light that is all around.

Will you take time to actually view the light? Will you take time to actually appreciate the light around you? When you are ready to see, you will see. When you are ready to wake up, you will wake up. The choice is and always has been your own now and always. The blinders many see the world through exist of their own making. When you are truly ready to change you will.

Blessings and Hosanna!