Friday, April 15, 2011

Different Vibrations

Brothers and Sisters,

Here we are around you. Do you feel us or notice us? We hold different vibrations than yours. Can you tune into something that is not in human vibrations? You often demand to be connected with those around you but do you know what is involved? Most of you expect us to do all of the work and you do little to help it. In fact, many of you are fearful of what you might see. That is often a block from being able to see us. We do not wish to create fear among you. We wish to just be there for you. We also will often appear in a way that isn’t of your human knowledge so it doesn’t make sense to your senses.

When you are serious about seeing your guides or being able to feel them, you must commit to opening up your resonance with them. Allow your vibration to adjust to what it needs to be to allow this to take place. Send your acceptance of them as they are and allow them to be as they are and they will join you and appear in their form and resonance. Release your need to control your guides and teams. Release the need to tell us how to do our jobs. Do tell us when something isn’t clear to you so we can work to clarify information. Let it all flow.

Do not do any of this unless you are open to who and what is working with you. Do not allow appearances to put you off for your guides are perfect for you and who you are so let them be as they need to be. Sense beyond appearances and learn to accept them as you would wish to be accepted as you are.