Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Parameters of Readings

Dear Ones,

For those wishing to work with Ken, we have set some new parameters in his work. Many will contact us through him and want to know about their children or family relatives and ask questions about their relative’s journey. We have stopped channeling those answers to Ken because the relatives you inquire about are not asking or giving permission for such a violation. It is a violation because it is doing psychic spying. When you choose to set up a session, you must ask about questions related to you and your own growth and paths.

We will permit questions related to how you may better deal with situations or how to work things out with other people because that is still about how you may better your communication or working through issues. We will offer advise on how you may better follow your paths or create along your paths.

Free Will and respect of all paths must be adhered to. We ask that you honor that. Just because someone makes decisions you don’t understand or acknowledge doesn’t mean it isn’t right for them. We are moving into directions of paths where you create more honoring and respectful relationships and lives. The information will shift as we evolve on our paths with you.