Saturday, April 9, 2011


How many of you read these messages and judge them from the length of them? Is that what is really important to you and what needs to be transmitted. Many guides can convey a great message to you with one word, thought or idea. It doesn’t need to be verbose. It just needs to convey a spark that helps you in some way or inspires you to a new thought or way of being. We communicate with you to help you grow. We try to impart wisdom that will help you move forward in your development or to enjoy moments of the present. It doesn’t matter if your process is in stagnation or moving quickly. All parts of your day and reality are valid to you. You are not judged by what others do or don’t do. You are only judged by how you choose to live in what you have designed or what is designed for you. There is no one else to compare you with for your guides are only around you for you. There is no other measuring stick that will work as well as you measuring up against yourself.