Friday, April 22, 2011


When we speak of balance, we are not comparing it to scales and placing you in inertia. We speak of balance like a tire that is in balance on your car. It needs to be aligned so it can work at its best. You are grounded and focused when you are balanced and able to assess clearly in each moment. You are alert and at your best so you make better judgments for yourself in whatever circumstances present themselves to you.

When others seek to keep you out of balance, you are placed in predicaments where others are more apt to manipulate and convince you to do what they wish you to do. It is a sales technique of manipulation. You are not allowed the chance to really process what is being asked of you and hence you are convinced to do something that your balanced self would not do.

When you are balanced and aligned, you make your best decisions and that is what we want for you. That is from the higher principle because there is no manipulation and you have the choices that are right for you. Always find your center and balance before responding. Tune in and listen to what comes from within you. If anyone tries to force you into immediate decisions based on fast talking or manipulation, step away and assess what is best for you. You are responsible for your own choices. Make the most of that power.


Yahweh and Moses