Friday, April 29, 2011

New Vibration and Shifts

Brothers and Sisters,

We of the gatekeepers have started to emerge to help those ready to cross into a new vibration. We assess you constantly for the signs you are truly ready and as you are, we will come through and assist you. You have no need to worry about this process for we do it with love and light. If you have done your preparation work, you will find this transition easy. If you have not done as requested by your teams, we will not process you to the next phase until you are truly ready for this shifting to take place. We have no need to worry you about this process. It will seem natural to those ready. We are just letting you know that each phase leads to the next phase and nothing is processed before it is ready.

There will be a sense of quickening for those ready and you will emerge into a place of readiness for your next assignments. The shifts and changes will progress in concurrence with those brought through the energy of light and those who must find their way to grow and evolve on other levels first. Those meant to work in specific ways will know what to do and those ready for their work will have the help needed appear for them. Synchronicity will take place beautifully. So, there is no need of fear or a sense of judgment on any of this process. You can’t force this shift or try to be something you are not with this change. You only need to do your work and be the energy you are and meant to be.

Noah and the Gatekeepers