Saturday, April 16, 2011

Information and Shifts in Energy

There are often times where you view information we share with you as an absolute and then you see it change rather quickly. You find this to be disconcerting and think you are wrong in what you picked up or you say it erodes your trust in your guides.

Your world is changing very quickly and the pace is picking up. We have taught many of you and prepared you for many contingencies that you may or may not be aware of. We have learned who is willing to be reshuffled at a moments notice and who is ensconced in their current lives and unwilling to yield or change. Those who are more open will find that the information is often confusing because we know we can count on you so we will reshuffle you to where you are needed most. Your paths seem uncertain only because the lives of many are uncertain.

We have many pieces in place for you and for your survival. There are many potential alternatives in the works. So, know that when you check in daily or even more often than that, you are only picking up the pathway that is for that current moment. It will be accurate but it may shift. We are doing our best to help each of you handle what is to be. Know that we are surrounding you in love and light and will make things as clear as possible to you. Your work is evolving and altering as needed. All is revealed at the perfect timing and in the perfect way.

Noah & Owen