Saturday, April 2, 2011


How can you create different forms of celebrations? What are things you can create to look forward to? There is no need to wait for others to do things designed to give you pleasure and enjoyment of your day. Instead, find ways to do this for yourselves. Learn to court yourselves and find ways to create enjoyment in each moment of time.

How can you do something to help brighten the day for another? What do you hear people say that they value and would really enjoy. Is there a way you can give someone over burdened a break? Is there a way you can give a smile to a stranger or help someone carry a package? Give a willing ear to someone who needs to share. There are times when you do this, you must shield yourself so that you are not taking in venom. Is there someone you know who is lonely or needs a ride or someone to share a meal with? Can you find time to fit this into your day or week? Find what works for you and those you interact with. Know you are not on this planet alone. Find things that you look forward to and find those who need something to look forward to. See if you can’t work something out that works for both of you and all concerned. Know also that you do not need to do this for everyone just those you feel drawn to or guided to.