Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Message for August 31, 2010

Brethren (Brothers and Sisters), 

Many of you are about to scale the metaphysical mountain. We have had you in the holding pattern for many years now and many of you are not even aware of where you originate from. Masses of light beings have been brought together on the earth at this time to help with an evolutionary plan. You have been raised in human families. Many of you have felt like outsiders for a long time. Yet know this is only because you are outsiders. The earth families you were born into were gracious enough to allow you to enter their groups.

We know that many of you don t look at this as a gift. It was a gift because it allowed you to take a human form and to learn human ways so that at the right time you could integrate what you have learned into what you are so you could help many. Some of you will always remain inactive and not know what you were brought here to do. Many will be activated to the true light self and will be able to carry out your life work, in this realm. It all depends on where mankind is ready to move to. If they remain stagnant and in their warring ways, we may have to keep many of you hidden. If things get too violent, you will be brought to safety or released from your human shells. Your purpose for existing was to give a gift to humanity and offer them a chance to shift to a love based way of being. This path is not for all on the earth and there is no need to force them into a different way of being. This is a path beyond the ego self. There is no force involved and it comes from love of all life.

Keep the faith and know there are many realms that you come from. In time, you will be able to go home to your true families and places where you feel connected and well loved. For now, you are performing great service, even if you don t remember what that is. Be patient. Follow the paths you are lead on and be open to teaching and learning from what is around you. Know when to step back and know when to enter the fold. If you follow your guidance, you will always be on the right path.


Yahweh and the Lights of Eternity 

Message for August 30, 2010

Assigning arbitrary rules for how someone has to be or what they need to do to decide if they are legitimate at what they do is dishonoring. There may be a scope of parameters for certain work but there are other fields that are not limited by definitions that humans come up with. 

It is much more powerful for people to be who they are meant to be and to practice their work and life through their own inner compass instead of through the control of other humans who are looking through a limited lens. Humans seem to need to define and limit what others can do. They have no right to do that. You each decide what limits work for you and you alone. Then, you may attract the people who fit with you. Your scope and vision is colored by your own perceptions. It doesn t mean it is the only way.

Your definition of others only works in relationship to yourself. You can t limit what others are or what they truly do. You are only setting the boundary that is right and honoring for yourself. Rejecting a relationship is not saying someone is off or bad. The only thing you are deciding is if it works for you in creating your own life and who belongs in it.


The God Head 

Message for August 29, 2010

The laws of the Universe are designed to protect the rights of the individual. They are designed to allow each being to find their own path and destiny. It allows for each being to experiment and to develop and cultivate their path and experiences. 

Some of you, as light beings, are governed by slightly different laws and agreements. But we still always respect your rights and who and what you are by nature.

The laws of mankind were developed to control the masses so that the elite would flourish. Many cultures have created laws to inhibit freedoms and to usurp the resources for the leaders. You are in a period of change where your rules and laws will evolve to align more with the Universal laws. When you see groups trying to take away the rights of one group so that they may be more powerful, they are coming from the creations of fear. They hold beliefs of religious doctrine and other systems that make it a crime to be a certain way or to think differently from them. The answers to many of earths problems will not be solved by limiting thoughts and abilities. The answers lie within someone reaching beyond limits and opening the doors to new ways of thinking and being. The core law needs to hold respect for the individual to be who and what they are while also creating ways to help take care of each other in all your permutations. Always look at how you may benefit all when creating laws and rules. Then all of you will benefit. If you are trying to take away the rights of anyone or any group, the law will not stand the test of time and must be revoked. There are ways to legislate and take care of your individual societies. True leaders are there to protect and defend the masses who may not be in positions to speak for themselves. In truth, all may speak for themselves but some don t understand how to do it or their focus prevents them from that action. Each of you holds much power. Learn to utilize what is within you and you will all have much happier and healthier lives.


Message for August 28, 2010

Boundaries and respect are areas to pay attention to. Often, people will tell you right off the bat that they are about to disrespect your boundaries and then they go ahead and do so. It shows you a lot about that individual. Pay attention to how you feel when they violate your boundaries and try to justify why they should be able to. Also, pay attention to what they then ask of you after they violate your boundaries. 

You must pay attention to your senses during this. When you have had enough, you will be able to stop them from the violation in relationship to you. When you feel something is off, it is. Don t try and justify why you feel violated. That is your warning system sounding. Pay attention to it. Your awareness is what helps you navigate. So, pay attention to all that is showing up and how it affects you.

Nowhere do we expect you to allow others to violate you. It needs to stop to move to the next level. Awareness is the first step.



Message for August 27, 2010

Today s message is about unconditional love. We are a realm of unconditional love. We help you because we love you. We don t place conditions on that help. Nor do we tell you what to do. We will make suggestions based on what you ask for. We see the pathways for you to create your stated desires. Too often you, as humans, sabotage those desires because you block the answers from coming through or you decide that you know better than us about how to do something. We don t get upset over this because we know you have your own learning process. We also don t work from ego. We work from a desire to be of service to you. What you do with it is up to you. There is no animosity on our part. 

You have choices and decisions to make. You ultimately bear the responsibility for whatever you do, think and create. We are only there to help support you. That is our gift to you and humanity. You each have a team that is viewed as your best way of accomplishing your life work and purpose. You have no need to summon others in or assign specific beings to do the work of helping you. Your own teams are perfectly capable of helping you create all that you desire to create and do. There is a vast variety of beings at your disposal but there are specific beings who have contracted with you to help you through your current lifetime. Your job is to remember to invite them in to give you input. We will not interfere, unless asked to assist. If you ask for our input, we will gladly give it to you. We can jump in only if asked or if you are in an emergency situation and it is not your time to cross over. So, remember to invite in the help and be open to whatever comes through for you. It is from a place of love that you have guides and other beings who assist you.


The God Head 

Message for August 26, 2010

This is a new day. You may have things to cover or take care of but it is a new day and full of potential. This is the piece where you may work differently and create something new. This is a new chance and don t think because the past has presented itself a certain way that this moment will be the same. Know there is potential for change and something different in each moment.

Your piece, as a co-creator, is to be clear about what type of being you want to be. Shift your behaviors and thoughts to be in alignment with that being. Most change happens internally within you. The outward world will reflect the inner shifts and behaviors. Know this is where your true power lies. Now go out and enjoy your part of creation in whatever you do right here and right now. If you want to create something new, then be something new.

The Universal Consciousness 

Message for August 25, 2010

Tune into what you are by nature and in nature. Then, spend time attuning to that energy. Allow that energy to expand into your human body and soul. Let that energy grow in you and integrate with and around you. See how that changes and alters your viewpoint and lives. This exercise will awaken your true energy and power. As a result, you will become more authentic. We are not telling you what you are because that will vary from person to person.

Meditate on who and what you truly are. Ask for ideas on what you should focus on in your meditations. Then, focus on what the energy is and allow it to expand. Feel the energy and allow it to grow. This is your task for today. You are on the path of growth and transformation. From time to time, we will give you pieces to help you with the grand picture.