Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Message for August 27, 2010

Today s message is about unconditional love. We are a realm of unconditional love. We help you because we love you. We don t place conditions on that help. Nor do we tell you what to do. We will make suggestions based on what you ask for. We see the pathways for you to create your stated desires. Too often you, as humans, sabotage those desires because you block the answers from coming through or you decide that you know better than us about how to do something. We don t get upset over this because we know you have your own learning process. We also don t work from ego. We work from a desire to be of service to you. What you do with it is up to you. There is no animosity on our part. 

You have choices and decisions to make. You ultimately bear the responsibility for whatever you do, think and create. We are only there to help support you. That is our gift to you and humanity. You each have a team that is viewed as your best way of accomplishing your life work and purpose. You have no need to summon others in or assign specific beings to do the work of helping you. Your own teams are perfectly capable of helping you create all that you desire to create and do. There is a vast variety of beings at your disposal but there are specific beings who have contracted with you to help you through your current lifetime. Your job is to remember to invite them in to give you input. We will not interfere, unless asked to assist. If you ask for our input, we will gladly give it to you. We can jump in only if asked or if you are in an emergency situation and it is not your time to cross over. So, remember to invite in the help and be open to whatever comes through for you. It is from a place of love that you have guides and other beings who assist you.


The God Head