Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Message for August 29, 2010

The laws of the Universe are designed to protect the rights of the individual. They are designed to allow each being to find their own path and destiny. It allows for each being to experiment and to develop and cultivate their path and experiences. 

Some of you, as light beings, are governed by slightly different laws and agreements. But we still always respect your rights and who and what you are by nature.

The laws of mankind were developed to control the masses so that the elite would flourish. Many cultures have created laws to inhibit freedoms and to usurp the resources for the leaders. You are in a period of change where your rules and laws will evolve to align more with the Universal laws. When you see groups trying to take away the rights of one group so that they may be more powerful, they are coming from the creations of fear. They hold beliefs of religious doctrine and other systems that make it a crime to be a certain way or to think differently from them. The answers to many of earths problems will not be solved by limiting thoughts and abilities. The answers lie within someone reaching beyond limits and opening the doors to new ways of thinking and being. The core law needs to hold respect for the individual to be who and what they are while also creating ways to help take care of each other in all your permutations. Always look at how you may benefit all when creating laws and rules. Then all of you will benefit. If you are trying to take away the rights of anyone or any group, the law will not stand the test of time and must be revoked. There are ways to legislate and take care of your individual societies. True leaders are there to protect and defend the masses who may not be in positions to speak for themselves. In truth, all may speak for themselves but some don t understand how to do it or their focus prevents them from that action. Each of you holds much power. Learn to utilize what is within you and you will all have much happier and healthier lives.