Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Message for August 28, 2010

Boundaries and respect are areas to pay attention to. Often, people will tell you right off the bat that they are about to disrespect your boundaries and then they go ahead and do so. It shows you a lot about that individual. Pay attention to how you feel when they violate your boundaries and try to justify why they should be able to. Also, pay attention to what they then ask of you after they violate your boundaries. 

You must pay attention to your senses during this. When you have had enough, you will be able to stop them from the violation in relationship to you. When you feel something is off, it is. Don t try and justify why you feel violated. That is your warning system sounding. Pay attention to it. Your awareness is what helps you navigate. So, pay attention to all that is showing up and how it affects you.

Nowhere do we expect you to allow others to violate you. It needs to stop to move to the next level. Awareness is the first step.