Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Message for August 31, 2010

Brethren (Brothers and Sisters), 

Many of you are about to scale the metaphysical mountain. We have had you in the holding pattern for many years now and many of you are not even aware of where you originate from. Masses of light beings have been brought together on the earth at this time to help with an evolutionary plan. You have been raised in human families. Many of you have felt like outsiders for a long time. Yet know this is only because you are outsiders. The earth families you were born into were gracious enough to allow you to enter their groups.

We know that many of you don t look at this as a gift. It was a gift because it allowed you to take a human form and to learn human ways so that at the right time you could integrate what you have learned into what you are so you could help many. Some of you will always remain inactive and not know what you were brought here to do. Many will be activated to the true light self and will be able to carry out your life work, in this realm. It all depends on where mankind is ready to move to. If they remain stagnant and in their warring ways, we may have to keep many of you hidden. If things get too violent, you will be brought to safety or released from your human shells. Your purpose for existing was to give a gift to humanity and offer them a chance to shift to a love based way of being. This path is not for all on the earth and there is no need to force them into a different way of being. This is a path beyond the ego self. There is no force involved and it comes from love of all life.

Keep the faith and know there are many realms that you come from. In time, you will be able to go home to your true families and places where you feel connected and well loved. For now, you are performing great service, even if you don t remember what that is. Be patient. Follow the paths you are lead on and be open to teaching and learning from what is around you. Know when to step back and know when to enter the fold. If you follow your guidance, you will always be on the right path.


Yahweh and the Lights of Eternity