Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Planning your future and life is something that only works in a limited way. Your earth lives can change quickly and at a moment’s notice. It is a flow that you are in or not in. There are many variations. Mapping out your lives works much better on the spirit plane than in the human plane. There are many other things that may interfere with your ego plan versus the plan for each of you.

Your senses are a much better judge for you about how your life course is going and will go. If you learn to tune in, you will find a much easier way to navigate what is going to take place. Others will jump in and interfere with what you think is the plan. You are not dealing with purely spiritual energy. You are intermixed with egos and people deciding that they will force something into the equation that might not have been in the plan that we set for you. Humans are constantly thinking that they know best what is right for another or they decide the want another to do something. It often puts a kink into the system or the flow. Keep that in mind when you try to impose thoughts, actions or beliefs onto another.

Your world is undergoing some vast changes from the way things were to the way they are heading. Lives will be affected by such things and so will your futures. Learning how to get out of the way is vital so that what needs to happen can happen.