Monday, March 28, 2011

The Earth

Do you understand that the earth is a living breathing entity? The land has been around for eons. It is not just here for you or for those who would usurp it and drain it. It is here because it is. The earth has provided habitats for humankind as well as many other realms and forms of beings. Just because you can’t see us doesn’t mean we are not here among you. Some of you will view us as elementals. But we are much richer than any definition you may provide for us.

When you contaminate the earth or the rivers and oceans, you do much more damage than you realize. When you try and tap into the land and drain it of what is inside of it, you are not just taking natural resources without replenishing them. You are also hurting other levels of the energies that reside with you. We claim our voice and wish to be heard but you are too dense to hear from us because you are caught in your own worries and fears or desires and needs.

The veils begin to thin now and many more of you are starting to see through them. You are aware of much more than what your senses tell you is real. It is time for each of you to start working together to help in the transitions at this time. Much more is to be revealed but take this one step at a time. You are getting closer to really understanding. The scope must broaden for all of this to work out for the benefit of all concerned.

Brian of County Cork