Friday, March 18, 2011

Energy Awareness

Dear Ones,

When you are having a bad day or dealing with something that is challenging to you, pay attention to what you do to others when you vent. If you unload your burden on another, realize you are actually giving them the energy of what you have decided you don’t like. Is that what you truly desire?

We realize that you are stressed by the situation and need some help dealing with it but before you dump it on another person, either neutralize the energy or put a barrier on the energy from going into another person.

Most people are oblivious to energy and how it affects people. You have learned in your world to be desensitized to much violence and dishonor. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. Each of you will be affected in different ways. For those who are empathic or sensitive, the affect is much greater immediately. For those who are desensitized, the affect may take longer before it is evident.

We need you all to start waking up. There are many who want you to stay asleep but you must wake up for your own sakes. Don’t allow your societies to create unconsciousness. Be vigilant in your own lives and what you put into your mind. There is much beyond pain and suffering but you must challenge yourselves to move into this new space.

The Universal Council