Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Based World

I had someone make the statement that if we were all coming from a place of love and support for each other and we took violence and fear base out of the equation that everything would be boring. So, I thought I would pose that scenario to my group to address.

Dear Ones,

It is a misconception that you need to create from a fear based way of thinking. Fear is not your motivator. It is an illusion of the way things must be, based on many years of your history. There is free will and thus duality but that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on a different way. Many of you would still find ways to challenge yourselves and excite yourselves. If fear was taken out of the equation, there would still be exhilaration and people seeking thrills. People would just not be motivated by fear. Some might use this shift to absolve themselves from responsibility or trying but they do that even with fear in the equation.

You always have choices and whatever way you choose to exist, the choices are there.

Some of you are on a path to evolve and to reach many from a different perspective. To achieve this, your guides will ask you to remove certain energy from your “entertainment” time. By following the directions you are being given, it will help you move forward in your work and lives. So, that is why we present you with this alternative. Those who wish to stay with violence and war energy still have the option to do so. However, you are most likely on a different path from those we request to stay as much away from fear and violence energy as possible.

All we ask is that you pay attention to what is coming through for you specifically. What others choose is up to them. We are not telling you what others may do or not do. Find your direct link and allow that to guide you. You must each find what is right for you at different times in your evolutionary path.