Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Energy Awareness

Energy is something that affects all of you. Some of the energy is subtle and some of it is more apparent. All that you surround yourself with and interact with affects you in some way or other. We are naturally in the equation. We look at all of you and see much beyond what is present in your lives. Food and surroundings do impact you more and more. Notice this.

The idea is for each of you to find what works best for you and create your life accordingly. That will help you on your way. As you wake up more and more, you will no longer be able to just blindly go about desensitized. Your lives need to be more present and in more awareness. What you could do is no longer something that you can continue to do. There is a reason for you to wake up and become more sensitive. As this happens, allow yourself some private time to nurture yourselves.

The Keepers of the Light