Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look Beyond and See Truth

We want all of you to look beyond facades and the guise that messages come to you. Names and appearances are not what is important, in these matters. What is important is the message and whether or not it resonates with you. Learning to tune into whether this was a spirit, realm or dimensional message comes from assessing your senses and how something resonates with you.

We will often deliver messages through various means but you may reject it because of the source that you believe it comes from. We also will deliver messages that are embedded through energy. If you are not ready to receive them, you won’t hear the real message and you may receive another message, which is masked by the energy. Always go beyond appearances and seek the energy that is presented to you.

There is much for each of you to learn and you shall start to recognize truth through the veil as you awaken. We spend this time teaching you various techniques. When the time is right, you shall each know how to handle what is before you and you shall each know your paths.


The God Head