Saturday, March 19, 2011


We wish to look at the energy of entitlement with you. Many are raising your current generation to feel they are entitled to anything and everything that they want. You are creating a society that places more value on things and possessions over people and working to help each other and your world. Is this the way you wish to be and to entrain others?

You will always have what you need and what you need to help you on your authentic journey. There is abundance but that does not come through entitlement. With entitlement there is a lack of gratitude. With true abundance there is gratitude and appreciation for what you have and what you create. Can you see the difference? To truly be abundant and create in alignment with your true desires, there is joy and value to what you create. When you create through entitlement you don’t even really value what you are demanding come into your ownership or experience.

Be careful for your thoughts are powerful and there are repercussions to all that you will into creation. That is why we often stress conscious creations and focus. Think carefully what you truly value and why you want something before you try and force it into being. What is truly yours will always be yours. There is no reason or need to take from another or demand things just because you can.


Noah & the God Head