Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We look at how religion plays into your world. Many use religion as an excuse to kill, punish or harm others. How can this be good? We don’t understand this or why so many of you think that condemning others based on doctrine is good or right. There are no Gods that find joy in murder or pain and suffering. Those were stories made by societies that needed excuses for behaviors. They created beings who were considered the impetus for such behaviors. Societies consciousness often created many beings by the collective energy. So, they then had justification.

Christianity is supposedly created on love of all but then many were killed in the name of Christ. Does that make sense to any of you? Forcing others to believe what you believe to be able to go to Heaven? Does that make sense to you? Fear of God and suffering is not what any higher being wishes for any of you. We wish you love and success. We would never condone hurting another to find satisfaction. There is no satisfaction or reward for such behavior. You will most likely have to face the karma of your creation by having a life where you are playing the victim role. Hurting another because you were hurt serves no purpose. Each of you needs to break the loop of these behaviors within yourself. Martyrs are not rewarded in heaven. I was not killed to be a martyr. I was killed because of fear the people had for their own safety (Jeshua). People who kill thinking it leads to glory are shown their creations and made to deal with them.

Now is a time for each of you to show courage and truly find a path that is loving. Make changes and really honor true values. Send love to others instead of anger, resentment and hatred. Greed also will no longer work in your world. The energy is shifting and changing. You must each become the change you wish to see in your world. Once you make changes in yourself, notice how your world changes.

Jeshua & Noah