Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shifts and Changes

The time is shifting now. You will find that you are no longer usurped by those who would use you and try and control your minds and thoughts. You are shedding the veils and illusions that were created for your use and benefits. Those who assumed that they knew what was best for you, are stepping aside and no longer to hold illusion that what they did was for your best interest.

How can another really know your best interest? How could you presume to know the best interest of another? The time is now to stop trying to impose on others and to stop allowing others to impose on you. Each must know their pathway by themselves and each must be willing to follow it without trying to control another.

If you truly value your freedom, then be willing to take a stand for it. This is not a battle cry but a reason to stand in your power and shield yourself from the harm of those imposing ego rules on you to keep you under their control. The is not about forcing anyone to do anything or trying to take over. It is about taking a stand for who and what you are and what is important to you. Violence is never the answer and it never helps others to know you or understand you better. Neither is yelling or trying to force your opinions or ways on others. You must learn to first step into your own power. Then, own your own power. From this place you will be free and be who you are destined to be. Each will wake up and take their place when and as they are ready.

Mankind may no longer pretend to grow by means of violence or war. Each must remember that all life is precious. All serve a vital purpose. Those spirits who come and go will do so as they need to without the help of another. So, focus on how you may grow and how you may respect others better. Give space for all to be who and what they are intended to be.