Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth Changes

A few weeks ago Japan had a major earthquake, which started much moving in your earth. These earth experiences will continue to escalate around your globe. Areas that have not experienced this in recorded history will soon feel what is like to be in this energy first hand. The earth is being reconfigured and in order for this to happen the tectonic plates will alter. This will cause much shifting on the surface plane.

We do not wish you to try and alter this for it is necessary for it to happen and take place as it is. Those who are crossing over are in agreement with this process and timing. Those who remain are following their paths.

What we wish is that you awaken your own intuitive guidance devoid of scripture. Pay attention to what you are guided to do and not what your ego or conditioned belief systems try to get you to do. If you pay attention to the true intuitive voice within you, you will be where you need to be and doing whatever you are meant to do. That is more valuable than trying to change what needs to happen and the ways it needs to happen. We are not being harsh with this information for we see how all interact and relate to what is to be. Certain forms of interference will ultimately create more perceived damage that working with the energy of what needs to be and how it needs to be. If you find yourself in what you term a natural disaster, just tune into your guides for directions and you will navigate it beautifully or as is right for you.

There are certain parts of your earth that are no longer meant to be inhabited. Much more damage happens when mankind continues to think they know better and don’t work with the world and planet. Your guides and teams will instruct you on where it is best for you to live and thrive. They will also instruct you on when it is time to leave where you are, if only for a short duration. Pay attention. That will always be your best guidance. We also repeat, this is not a punishment from God. It is a process that you have agreed to undertake by being on the earth at this time of transition and nothing more or less.