Saturday, March 12, 2011

Caring for Others

There are times when humans need to care for elderly, disabled or the very young. In those times, your lives will feel put on hold. However, it is necessary to help some groups to have a quality of life that they would not always have. You will have the help you require at the appropriate times so try and give yourself a break in the tension and new realities. We know it isn’t always easy to care for others but if you are placed in that position and find that you are supposed to help the individual, know you have the help to do so well and gracefully.

Your work is not about taking over the lives of others but helping them so that they may succeed during stages when they need more help. There are elements, which they can do for themselves and other pieces you will need to do for them. Find the balance and rhythms that work. You will be glad that you did that process.


The God Head