Monday, March 21, 2011

Creation Process

Let’s look at the creation process. Many of you are bemoaning your fate and your lives. You look at what you have now and are crying out why me or I am bored. You find fault with your life. Look at what you are doing to create what you have. What have you asked for? What are you scared of? Chances are you have exactly what you have created through your fear and concerns. Instead of gratitude for the creation, you are in fear of it or anger because it exists. Another problem comes from those who are creating through fear. Some are asking for things not yet ready to form.

Create through joy and hone your thoughts and you will find very different creations. How do you do this? We are happy that you asked. First of all spend time on what makes you happy. This is not about things or control of situations or people. This is not outside of you or dependent on the actions of others. Envision the life that makes you joyful. What would that look like? What about you needs to shift or change? What belief do you hold that only holds you back? Those are where you need to start. Then, shift your energy into what makes you happy. Handle things that just need to be taken care of but then don’t hold onto them. Pull your energy from those you dislike or situation that you dislike. Stop focusing on them and repeating them. Make your life easier and less painful by focusing on what you enjoy. Watch how things start to change.