Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring & Clearing

Since Spring is showing up by your earth calendar, we would like to talk about clearing out what is no longer used, valued or appreciated. Make space for the new. This is a time of new beginnings for those in the Northern Hemisphere. New life is manifesting and changes are about to take place. Create space for this. Even clearing out old boxes or releasing old files. As you let energy go, space opens up.

We know many of you feel the need to fill up empty space but try something different. Just create some space. Get rid of clothes that you no longer use. Get rid of objects that only take up space. Surround yourselves with that which holds meaning for you. Things that are forgotten or hold no value to you don’t need to take up space. Find homes for what you no longer value and others who do value it will be able to connect with it. Your junk is someone else’s treasure.

Also, many believe if they release something, that they won’t have it when they need it. Holding onto things not in use just takes up space. When you need something, it will be there. If you are worried about that, check in with items before releasing them. If you follow this thought, you will know when to release objects. If it hasn’t been used in five years, you most likely will never use it. So, let it go.

The God Head