Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Each of you reading this is on your own course to your destiny. Some of you reach them at differing times and in differing manors. It is vital for you to assume your life mission when it is ready. Do not try and force it or control it. Let it evolve. Follow the path. Remove the ivy that has grown around you during time of apathy. Be open and allow yourself and your spirit to soar. There is much within you all. There is programming from all of your past lives and ways. There is a richness that resides in each one of you. Your current lives are but a blip in the creation process. So, instead of trying to prevent outcomes or steady the flow, sometimes you must just learn to go along for the ride. Show up and participate. Celebrate the moment and the life that is before you. Be in the moment and take your stand. Find what gives you passion and compassion. Also, respect all others and their rights and needs.

Work together to help each other soar and learn to fly. Each is on different paths and parts of their paths. Very few of you reach a destiny as an end result for there is mainly the journey forward into the land from which you reside. You wonder and are searching for answers about your futures but you are in your answers and futures by seizing each day and showing up for it. Some of you will spend your lives in one place and others will travel the world and other spheres of existence. There is beauty in all choices and life experiences. Whatever journey you embark on, you will find your own challenges to be met and enjoyed. Know this with all of your heart and soul.

Keeper of the Light and Mankind