Friday, March 11, 2011

Look at your Life!

For those on the human path, look at your life. What do you want to change in your life? How do you want to be in your life? Start looking at what you can do differently today to bring you more in alignment with the life you desire. What you have is at a place where you resonate with it. To create something differently, you must do something differently or make different choices. That will help shift your vibration. You can’t do the same routine or behaviors and expect something different. You have to consciously make changes.

This is not about changing others. This is about you making changes in yourself (thoughts, beliefs, stories, actions). Others will or won’t change as they wish. This advice is only for those who wish changes in their lives.

At the beginning, we said those on human paths. If you are not sure, ask your guides. Most of you are on human paths. There are times we need to address those not on human paths to help them also. Those not on human paths are better served with asking for advice on your day to day decisions. You are among humans to help them and your lives revolve around different parameters, which are shared with you as you are ready. You have stricter requirements for foods and activities. You also have boundaries about where you hang out and spend time. That is all shared with you individually on a day to day basis.

Those on human paths have a journey set up for you that has some predetermined boundaries and experiences. You also have more leeway on decisions than some others among you.

Those who aren’t on human pathways are waking up and more aware of the fact that they are not from human systems. You most likely don’t feel like you fit in or belong around large groups of people. You find comfort in your solitude and a peaceful life. There will be times where you need to bring yourselves out into the world but the time is not right now. When the time comes to go out into the world, you will know what to do to protect yourselves and you will be well equipped.

The Father of Creation