Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enjoy the Moment

Find time to take some time to relax and enjoy the moment. You don’t need to rush around in your day. There is no need to try and beat another to the top or a perceived destination. Be present and show up. Evaluate your life and days. What would you change to feel more fulfilled? What would you do to show those important to you, how they matter in your lives? How can you enrich your own experiences and help others enrich their own experiences?

Sometimes, just a shift in your thought will alter much in your life. There are times where timing matters and there are many avenues where you place great pressure on yourselves to complete some task that will just sit in another’s in box. Take your experiences and learn when you must push and when you may just step away and enjoy. You will learn better how to prioritize your life and ways. There is no real end to your journey there are many moments strewn together. Your story continues. It may be in different forms and different scenarios but there is much more beyond what you see in the present moment. You are constantly being allowed to view things through different vantage points.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Each of you reading this is on your own course to your destiny. Some of you reach them at differing times and in differing manors. It is vital for you to assume your life mission when it is ready. Do not try and force it or control it. Let it evolve. Follow the path. Remove the ivy that has grown around you during time of apathy. Be open and allow yourself and your spirit to soar. There is much within you all. There is programming from all of your past lives and ways. There is a richness that resides in each one of you. Your current lives are but a blip in the creation process. So, instead of trying to prevent outcomes or steady the flow, sometimes you must just learn to go along for the ride. Show up and participate. Celebrate the moment and the life that is before you. Be in the moment and take your stand. Find what gives you passion and compassion. Also, respect all others and their rights and needs.

Work together to help each other soar and learn to fly. Each is on different paths and parts of their paths. Very few of you reach a destiny as an end result for there is mainly the journey forward into the land from which you reside. You wonder and are searching for answers about your futures but you are in your answers and futures by seizing each day and showing up for it. Some of you will spend your lives in one place and others will travel the world and other spheres of existence. There is beauty in all choices and life experiences. Whatever journey you embark on, you will find your own challenges to be met and enjoyed. Know this with all of your heart and soul.

Keeper of the Light and Mankind

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shifts and Changes

The time is shifting now. You will find that you are no longer usurped by those who would use you and try and control your minds and thoughts. You are shedding the veils and illusions that were created for your use and benefits. Those who assumed that they knew what was best for you, are stepping aside and no longer to hold illusion that what they did was for your best interest.

How can another really know your best interest? How could you presume to know the best interest of another? The time is now to stop trying to impose on others and to stop allowing others to impose on you. Each must know their pathway by themselves and each must be willing to follow it without trying to control another.

If you truly value your freedom, then be willing to take a stand for it. This is not a battle cry but a reason to stand in your power and shield yourself from the harm of those imposing ego rules on you to keep you under their control. The is not about forcing anyone to do anything or trying to take over. It is about taking a stand for who and what you are and what is important to you. Violence is never the answer and it never helps others to know you or understand you better. Neither is yelling or trying to force your opinions or ways on others. You must learn to first step into your own power. Then, own your own power. From this place you will be free and be who you are destined to be. Each will wake up and take their place when and as they are ready.

Mankind may no longer pretend to grow by means of violence or war. Each must remember that all life is precious. All serve a vital purpose. Those spirits who come and go will do so as they need to without the help of another. So, focus on how you may grow and how you may respect others better. Give space for all to be who and what they are intended to be.


Monday, March 28, 2011

The Earth

Do you understand that the earth is a living breathing entity? The land has been around for eons. It is not just here for you or for those who would usurp it and drain it. It is here because it is. The earth has provided habitats for humankind as well as many other realms and forms of beings. Just because you can’t see us doesn’t mean we are not here among you. Some of you will view us as elementals. But we are much richer than any definition you may provide for us.

When you contaminate the earth or the rivers and oceans, you do much more damage than you realize. When you try and tap into the land and drain it of what is inside of it, you are not just taking natural resources without replenishing them. You are also hurting other levels of the energies that reside with you. We claim our voice and wish to be heard but you are too dense to hear from us because you are caught in your own worries and fears or desires and needs.

The veils begin to thin now and many more of you are starting to see through them. You are aware of much more than what your senses tell you is real. It is time for each of you to start working together to help in the transitions at this time. Much more is to be revealed but take this one step at a time. You are getting closer to really understanding. The scope must broaden for all of this to work out for the benefit of all concerned.

Brian of County Cork

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Before You Try to Change Something Understand It

Glory Be! There is luck among you.

Many of you have looked upon the earth and those upon it from the perspective of tragedies. You think that jumping to fix situations through prayer is always the answer. But if you don’t know the rules or the reasons for something being, how can you pray to change it or adjust it? It doesn’t work that way. It never has and never will work that way. If you are believing in Divine providence, you must know that we would be looking after those who come to the spirit realm at times of adversity. You don’t need to worry about them or their lot. It is all cared for.

The appearances of what you see and think you know is often deceiving. Some of you are on a pathway where you may interfere with outcomes but many of you who would be drawn to reading our work, are not among them. You must ask for guidance and direction before assuming you know answers for what must be. So, will you be willing to move past all that you are surrounded with now and make different choices. Know ye that we are around you and working with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no need for consternation among you. Trust in the workings behind the scenes and ye shall know how to proceed.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Plan Versus The Plan

Your plan versus the plan can be very different. Most people are thinking that they are totally in control of outcomes and desires. There are some of you on this track and some of you not on this track. So, before you create your game plan ask if you are on a path where you are creating your game plan, if you are on a path where you are on a game plan designed from the spirit realm or you are on a path that is determined from another source then you will find it difficult to create. Once you establish which plan you are meant to be on, you can then determine your next step.

If you are on the path where you are creating your game plan, you just need to consciously align your conscious and subconscious minds to work through what you desire and how to create it.

If you are on a path where you created the game plan from your spirit self, you just need to ask for guidance to that path and ask for signs when you are on the plan or not.

If you are on the path where another source is determining your path and what needs to happen, then you need guidance on how to navigate that. You will be required to be more in the flow for this path. You will also need to be open.

There is Free Will on all of these paths but you will find that your life is much more fulfilling once you understand your path design and learn to work within the constructs of it.


The God Head

Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Based World

I had someone make the statement that if we were all coming from a place of love and support for each other and we took violence and fear base out of the equation that everything would be boring. So, I thought I would pose that scenario to my group to address.

Dear Ones,

It is a misconception that you need to create from a fear based way of thinking. Fear is not your motivator. It is an illusion of the way things must be, based on many years of your history. There is free will and thus duality but that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on a different way. Many of you would still find ways to challenge yourselves and excite yourselves. If fear was taken out of the equation, there would still be exhilaration and people seeking thrills. People would just not be motivated by fear. Some might use this shift to absolve themselves from responsibility or trying but they do that even with fear in the equation.

You always have choices and whatever way you choose to exist, the choices are there.

Some of you are on a path to evolve and to reach many from a different perspective. To achieve this, your guides will ask you to remove certain energy from your “entertainment” time. By following the directions you are being given, it will help you move forward in your work and lives. So, that is why we present you with this alternative. Those who wish to stay with violence and war energy still have the option to do so. However, you are most likely on a different path from those we request to stay as much away from fear and violence energy as possible.

All we ask is that you pay attention to what is coming through for you specifically. What others choose is up to them. We are not telling you what others may do or not do. Find your direct link and allow that to guide you. You must each find what is right for you at different times in your evolutionary path.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth Changes

A few weeks ago Japan had a major earthquake, which started much moving in your earth. These earth experiences will continue to escalate around your globe. Areas that have not experienced this in recorded history will soon feel what is like to be in this energy first hand. The earth is being reconfigured and in order for this to happen the tectonic plates will alter. This will cause much shifting on the surface plane.

We do not wish you to try and alter this for it is necessary for it to happen and take place as it is. Those who are crossing over are in agreement with this process and timing. Those who remain are following their paths.

What we wish is that you awaken your own intuitive guidance devoid of scripture. Pay attention to what you are guided to do and not what your ego or conditioned belief systems try to get you to do. If you pay attention to the true intuitive voice within you, you will be where you need to be and doing whatever you are meant to do. That is more valuable than trying to change what needs to happen and the ways it needs to happen. We are not being harsh with this information for we see how all interact and relate to what is to be. Certain forms of interference will ultimately create more perceived damage that working with the energy of what needs to be and how it needs to be. If you find yourself in what you term a natural disaster, just tune into your guides for directions and you will navigate it beautifully or as is right for you.

There are certain parts of your earth that are no longer meant to be inhabited. Much more damage happens when mankind continues to think they know better and don’t work with the world and planet. Your guides and teams will instruct you on where it is best for you to live and thrive. They will also instruct you on when it is time to leave where you are, if only for a short duration. Pay attention. That will always be your best guidance. We also repeat, this is not a punishment from God. It is a process that you have agreed to undertake by being on the earth at this time of transition and nothing more or less.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Take a look at the energy you think are projecting versus what you are actually projecting. There is often a disparity of what is being sent out into the world. This disparity happens because people take in information and conditioning from others and often disconnect from what is within them. So, humans don’t look at alignment of who they are with what they put into the world. There is energy that is emitted and that will often cause reactions that baffle people.

When you have human connections you have what you are putting out versus what others are putting out in the world. That is one level of energy (the interactions between energies). Then, you have the level of your subtext that you are putting out. People often react to hidden thoughts and beliefs, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.

What you need to learn is how to align your conscious beliefs and behaviors with your unconscious beliefs and behaviors. You do this through awareness and being clear about what you are intending to be and do in the world. Start with what you know and look at the many layers you posses. See if that doesn’t change what is happening around you and in your world. As you become more conscious, you will notice this whole process becomes easier.


Uriel and the God Head

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We look at how religion plays into your world. Many use religion as an excuse to kill, punish or harm others. How can this be good? We don’t understand this or why so many of you think that condemning others based on doctrine is good or right. There are no Gods that find joy in murder or pain and suffering. Those were stories made by societies that needed excuses for behaviors. They created beings who were considered the impetus for such behaviors. Societies consciousness often created many beings by the collective energy. So, they then had justification.

Christianity is supposedly created on love of all but then many were killed in the name of Christ. Does that make sense to any of you? Forcing others to believe what you believe to be able to go to Heaven? Does that make sense to you? Fear of God and suffering is not what any higher being wishes for any of you. We wish you love and success. We would never condone hurting another to find satisfaction. There is no satisfaction or reward for such behavior. You will most likely have to face the karma of your creation by having a life where you are playing the victim role. Hurting another because you were hurt serves no purpose. Each of you needs to break the loop of these behaviors within yourself. Martyrs are not rewarded in heaven. I was not killed to be a martyr. I was killed because of fear the people had for their own safety (Jeshua). People who kill thinking it leads to glory are shown their creations and made to deal with them.

Now is a time for each of you to show courage and truly find a path that is loving. Make changes and really honor true values. Send love to others instead of anger, resentment and hatred. Greed also will no longer work in your world. The energy is shifting and changing. You must each become the change you wish to see in your world. Once you make changes in yourself, notice how your world changes.

Jeshua & Noah

Monday, March 21, 2011

Creation Process

Let’s look at the creation process. Many of you are bemoaning your fate and your lives. You look at what you have now and are crying out why me or I am bored. You find fault with your life. Look at what you are doing to create what you have. What have you asked for? What are you scared of? Chances are you have exactly what you have created through your fear and concerns. Instead of gratitude for the creation, you are in fear of it or anger because it exists. Another problem comes from those who are creating through fear. Some are asking for things not yet ready to form.

Create through joy and hone your thoughts and you will find very different creations. How do you do this? We are happy that you asked. First of all spend time on what makes you happy. This is not about things or control of situations or people. This is not outside of you or dependent on the actions of others. Envision the life that makes you joyful. What would that look like? What about you needs to shift or change? What belief do you hold that only holds you back? Those are where you need to start. Then, shift your energy into what makes you happy. Handle things that just need to be taken care of but then don’t hold onto them. Pull your energy from those you dislike or situation that you dislike. Stop focusing on them and repeating them. Make your life easier and less painful by focusing on what you enjoy. Watch how things start to change.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring & Clearing

Since Spring is showing up by your earth calendar, we would like to talk about clearing out what is no longer used, valued or appreciated. Make space for the new. This is a time of new beginnings for those in the Northern Hemisphere. New life is manifesting and changes are about to take place. Create space for this. Even clearing out old boxes or releasing old files. As you let energy go, space opens up.

We know many of you feel the need to fill up empty space but try something different. Just create some space. Get rid of clothes that you no longer use. Get rid of objects that only take up space. Surround yourselves with that which holds meaning for you. Things that are forgotten or hold no value to you don’t need to take up space. Find homes for what you no longer value and others who do value it will be able to connect with it. Your junk is someone else’s treasure.

Also, many believe if they release something, that they won’t have it when they need it. Holding onto things not in use just takes up space. When you need something, it will be there. If you are worried about that, check in with items before releasing them. If you follow this thought, you will know when to release objects. If it hasn’t been used in five years, you most likely will never use it. So, let it go.

The God Head

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We wish to look at the energy of entitlement with you. Many are raising your current generation to feel they are entitled to anything and everything that they want. You are creating a society that places more value on things and possessions over people and working to help each other and your world. Is this the way you wish to be and to entrain others?

You will always have what you need and what you need to help you on your authentic journey. There is abundance but that does not come through entitlement. With entitlement there is a lack of gratitude. With true abundance there is gratitude and appreciation for what you have and what you create. Can you see the difference? To truly be abundant and create in alignment with your true desires, there is joy and value to what you create. When you create through entitlement you don’t even really value what you are demanding come into your ownership or experience.

Be careful for your thoughts are powerful and there are repercussions to all that you will into creation. That is why we often stress conscious creations and focus. Think carefully what you truly value and why you want something before you try and force it into being. What is truly yours will always be yours. There is no reason or need to take from another or demand things just because you can.


Noah & the God Head

Friday, March 18, 2011

Energy Awareness

Dear Ones,

When you are having a bad day or dealing with something that is challenging to you, pay attention to what you do to others when you vent. If you unload your burden on another, realize you are actually giving them the energy of what you have decided you don’t like. Is that what you truly desire?

We realize that you are stressed by the situation and need some help dealing with it but before you dump it on another person, either neutralize the energy or put a barrier on the energy from going into another person.

Most people are oblivious to energy and how it affects people. You have learned in your world to be desensitized to much violence and dishonor. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. Each of you will be affected in different ways. For those who are empathic or sensitive, the affect is much greater immediately. For those who are desensitized, the affect may take longer before it is evident.

We need you all to start waking up. There are many who want you to stay asleep but you must wake up for your own sakes. Don’t allow your societies to create unconsciousness. Be vigilant in your own lives and what you put into your mind. There is much beyond pain and suffering but you must challenge yourselves to move into this new space.

The Universal Council

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flowing with Life!

In the flow of life! There are times where it appears someone is trying to hold onto their perceived control. We have spoken of how others try and manipulate outcomes. This is affective to a certain limit but there are times where the control is released from people trying to maintain the control. There is a flow that needs to happen and there are times where you must learn to let go of what is no longer part of you. Trying to maintain control will only create more issues.

Watch the lives of those who deal with dementia or some neurological issue. Many times, you will notice that they have tried to control every aspect of life. They have worked to force their will onto others and make plans for others. Some are stuck in the appearance of things. When you see this, the people often have built in an aspect where they will loose control of their lives and others will need to step in and care for them. This is difficult for them to handle because it is not what they perceive that they want or need and they resent someone taking over for them.

Those who can release the need to control others or outcomes, have no need for manifesting ailments where they are no longer in control. These people often realize it isn’t about controlling others or situations. They just look for their part in whatever shows up. They take each aspect of life as it presents itself to them.

Some outcomes must take place. It matters not if someone is stubborn or controlling. With Free Will, you have many choices but realize that many of those choices were made before you ended up in human forms. You have only to ask to find out which is which.

The God Head

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Preparation for Transformation

Peace Brothers and Sisters. We are around you now and we come in more concentration. For this is a time that many of us have waited for. We await the time that you grow and expand. We have been presenting the groundwork for each of you and you must do the actual work in preparation, as laid before you. This work involves clearing that which you no longer need or no longer resonates with you. This also involves changing your diets to foods you can metabolize. Taking care of your physical body is important for it helps your physical vehicle deal better with your earth atmosphere.

Once you have done the steps laid out for you, the rest is just transformation and evolution. That is our part. You don’t have to do anything to make this happen. That is about the right time for it to take place and we will gauge that for you.


The God Head

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Energy Awareness

Energy is something that affects all of you. Some of the energy is subtle and some of it is more apparent. All that you surround yourself with and interact with affects you in some way or other. We are naturally in the equation. We look at all of you and see much beyond what is present in your lives. Food and surroundings do impact you more and more. Notice this.

The idea is for each of you to find what works best for you and create your life accordingly. That will help you on your way. As you wake up more and more, you will no longer be able to just blindly go about desensitized. Your lives need to be more present and in more awareness. What you could do is no longer something that you can continue to do. There is a reason for you to wake up and become more sensitive. As this happens, allow yourself some private time to nurture yourselves.

The Keepers of the Light

Monday, March 14, 2011

Humans who are not really Human

Blessed Ones,

There are those of you in human form who come from other realms or dimensions. We would say you are not human because your basic essence is not human. You were sent by your realms or dimensions to help humans in this time of transition. You will find this process of bringing you to the earth takes place in times of great change in your physical world. Many of you are aware that you don’t fit in or don’t think the same as those around you. Many of you have perceptions beyond the normal human senses so you receive information deeply and are affected by your surroundings deeply. There are extra senses being awakened in you so you will know how to survive among mankind and do your work.

In history many of you have been tortured for not conforming or for seeing answers beyond doctrine or the way society rules. Your purpose was to help awaken mankind to what lies beyond what man sees and experiences. Many of you have been placed in families and have felt that you were being forced to conform. Your human families created a lot of conflict in their human ways for you.

There will be a time where you will appear human but be activated as what you truly are. This will happen naturally, when appropriate and if appropriate. There is nothing you need do. There is no process you must consciously do to shift, change or grow. The transformation will take place naturally, at the appropriate times. This all depends on when and if mankind is open and ready for what you are meant to do among them.

For those who come from fear base, the various beings were sent to help mankind. We are not among you to harm you. We are here at this time to offer growth and evolutionary potentials. We have tried to teach you that there is much that is beyond what you know or realize. Always ask to see truth and have the truth be revealed.

What you see in your world right now is a shedding of the false behaviors and ways. Tyrants are being forced to release control so that true leaders may emerge with the best interest of their people. It is time for humans to learn true compassion for all life and you will evolve and emerge victoriously. If this time allows us to help you, you will also see a time of great learning and advancement showing up through evolution. We view this as exciting. All times of change and transition hold great promise.

The Masters of Light and the Galactic Councils

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Blessed Ones,

Peace be with you! This is a comment that many will say along religious lines. We actually wish you peace on all levels. With this wish it is not that life is always smooth sailing but there are times where you will be in rough waters and still be able to flow with your lives and what is before you. Find peace in all moments. When you are in chaos, learn to look within you to the peace.

If you notice when you are stressed, you still manage to work through things and there is resolution. Release the drama/trauma people and energy when you can and find peace in all energy. That is the place that gives you the breather to seek your answers and to find your way. No matter what shows up in your life, take a moment to breathe and find your way. Even with hectic energy around you, you may still find your avenues to navigate but you must find peace and all else will open up.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Caring for Others

There are times when humans need to care for elderly, disabled or the very young. In those times, your lives will feel put on hold. However, it is necessary to help some groups to have a quality of life that they would not always have. You will have the help you require at the appropriate times so try and give yourself a break in the tension and new realities. We know it isn’t always easy to care for others but if you are placed in that position and find that you are supposed to help the individual, know you have the help to do so well and gracefully.

Your work is not about taking over the lives of others but helping them so that they may succeed during stages when they need more help. There are elements, which they can do for themselves and other pieces you will need to do for them. Find the balance and rhythms that work. You will be glad that you did that process.


The God Head

Friday, March 11, 2011

Look at your Life!

For those on the human path, look at your life. What do you want to change in your life? How do you want to be in your life? Start looking at what you can do differently today to bring you more in alignment with the life you desire. What you have is at a place where you resonate with it. To create something differently, you must do something differently or make different choices. That will help shift your vibration. You can’t do the same routine or behaviors and expect something different. You have to consciously make changes.

This is not about changing others. This is about you making changes in yourself (thoughts, beliefs, stories, actions). Others will or won’t change as they wish. This advice is only for those who wish changes in their lives.

At the beginning, we said those on human paths. If you are not sure, ask your guides. Most of you are on human paths. There are times we need to address those not on human paths to help them also. Those not on human paths are better served with asking for advice on your day to day decisions. You are among humans to help them and your lives revolve around different parameters, which are shared with you as you are ready. You have stricter requirements for foods and activities. You also have boundaries about where you hang out and spend time. That is all shared with you individually on a day to day basis.

Those on human paths have a journey set up for you that has some predetermined boundaries and experiences. You also have more leeway on decisions than some others among you.

Those who aren’t on human pathways are waking up and more aware of the fact that they are not from human systems. You most likely don’t feel like you fit in or belong around large groups of people. You find comfort in your solitude and a peaceful life. There will be times where you need to bring yourselves out into the world but the time is not right now. When the time comes to go out into the world, you will know what to do to protect yourselves and you will be well equipped.

The Father of Creation

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Look Beyond and See Truth

We want all of you to look beyond facades and the guise that messages come to you. Names and appearances are not what is important, in these matters. What is important is the message and whether or not it resonates with you. Learning to tune into whether this was a spirit, realm or dimensional message comes from assessing your senses and how something resonates with you.

We will often deliver messages through various means but you may reject it because of the source that you believe it comes from. We also will deliver messages that are embedded through energy. If you are not ready to receive them, you won’t hear the real message and you may receive another message, which is masked by the energy. Always go beyond appearances and seek the energy that is presented to you.

There is much for each of you to learn and you shall start to recognize truth through the veil as you awaken. We spend this time teaching you various techniques. When the time is right, you shall each know how to handle what is before you and you shall each know your paths.


The God Head

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Planning your future and life is something that only works in a limited way. Your earth lives can change quickly and at a moment’s notice. It is a flow that you are in or not in. There are many variations. Mapping out your lives works much better on the spirit plane than in the human plane. There are many other things that may interfere with your ego plan versus the plan for each of you.

Your senses are a much better judge for you about how your life course is going and will go. If you learn to tune in, you will find a much easier way to navigate what is going to take place. Others will jump in and interfere with what you think is the plan. You are not dealing with purely spiritual energy. You are intermixed with egos and people deciding that they will force something into the equation that might not have been in the plan that we set for you. Humans are constantly thinking that they know best what is right for another or they decide the want another to do something. It often puts a kink into the system or the flow. Keep that in mind when you try to impose thoughts, actions or beliefs onto another.

Your world is undergoing some vast changes from the way things were to the way they are heading. Lives will be affected by such things and so will your futures. Learning how to get out of the way is vital so that what needs to happen can happen.