Monday, March 14, 2011

Humans who are not really Human

Blessed Ones,

There are those of you in human form who come from other realms or dimensions. We would say you are not human because your basic essence is not human. You were sent by your realms or dimensions to help humans in this time of transition. You will find this process of bringing you to the earth takes place in times of great change in your physical world. Many of you are aware that you don’t fit in or don’t think the same as those around you. Many of you have perceptions beyond the normal human senses so you receive information deeply and are affected by your surroundings deeply. There are extra senses being awakened in you so you will know how to survive among mankind and do your work.

In history many of you have been tortured for not conforming or for seeing answers beyond doctrine or the way society rules. Your purpose was to help awaken mankind to what lies beyond what man sees and experiences. Many of you have been placed in families and have felt that you were being forced to conform. Your human families created a lot of conflict in their human ways for you.

There will be a time where you will appear human but be activated as what you truly are. This will happen naturally, when appropriate and if appropriate. There is nothing you need do. There is no process you must consciously do to shift, change or grow. The transformation will take place naturally, at the appropriate times. This all depends on when and if mankind is open and ready for what you are meant to do among them.

For those who come from fear base, the various beings were sent to help mankind. We are not among you to harm you. We are here at this time to offer growth and evolutionary potentials. We have tried to teach you that there is much that is beyond what you know or realize. Always ask to see truth and have the truth be revealed.

What you see in your world right now is a shedding of the false behaviors and ways. Tyrants are being forced to release control so that true leaders may emerge with the best interest of their people. It is time for humans to learn true compassion for all life and you will evolve and emerge victoriously. If this time allows us to help you, you will also see a time of great learning and advancement showing up through evolution. We view this as exciting. All times of change and transition hold great promise.

The Masters of Light and the Galactic Councils