Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flowing with Life!

In the flow of life! There are times where it appears someone is trying to hold onto their perceived control. We have spoken of how others try and manipulate outcomes. This is affective to a certain limit but there are times where the control is released from people trying to maintain the control. There is a flow that needs to happen and there are times where you must learn to let go of what is no longer part of you. Trying to maintain control will only create more issues.

Watch the lives of those who deal with dementia or some neurological issue. Many times, you will notice that they have tried to control every aspect of life. They have worked to force their will onto others and make plans for others. Some are stuck in the appearance of things. When you see this, the people often have built in an aspect where they will loose control of their lives and others will need to step in and care for them. This is difficult for them to handle because it is not what they perceive that they want or need and they resent someone taking over for them.

Those who can release the need to control others or outcomes, have no need for manifesting ailments where they are no longer in control. These people often realize it isn’t about controlling others or situations. They just look for their part in whatever shows up. They take each aspect of life as it presents itself to them.

Some outcomes must take place. It matters not if someone is stubborn or controlling. With Free Will, you have many choices but realize that many of those choices were made before you ended up in human forms. You have only to ask to find out which is which.

The God Head