Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Message for August 30, 2010

Assigning arbitrary rules for how someone has to be or what they need to do to decide if they are legitimate at what they do is dishonoring. There may be a scope of parameters for certain work but there are other fields that are not limited by definitions that humans come up with. 

It is much more powerful for people to be who they are meant to be and to practice their work and life through their own inner compass instead of through the control of other humans who are looking through a limited lens. Humans seem to need to define and limit what others can do. They have no right to do that. You each decide what limits work for you and you alone. Then, you may attract the people who fit with you. Your scope and vision is colored by your own perceptions. It doesn t mean it is the only way.

Your definition of others only works in relationship to yourself. You can t limit what others are or what they truly do. You are only setting the boundary that is right and honoring for yourself. Rejecting a relationship is not saying someone is off or bad. The only thing you are deciding is if it works for you in creating your own life and who belongs in it.


The God Head