Thursday, April 14, 2011


Messengers come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Our messages are sent from various sources to help those we pass information onto. Mankind believes that angels are just sitting around waiting to be called on. This does happen in some spheres of existence but realize that what you refer to as angels have a full life in their own realms. Some of you have links to these beings and others have links to other beings. Religion has created stories about angels coming and bringing messages from God. These religions were not open to messages coming from other beings so the stories needed to be made with some form of Universal connection or linking.

In reality, what takes place is that you each come from different spheres of existence. You are connected to beings from that sphere of existence and those are the beings who come through to help you, when you call on them or need their advice. There is no right or wrong in this except when you try to control the other beings who are there to be of service to you and your lives. Your messengers, guards, guides or however you would refer to them are around you for specific reasons. You are linked to where you come from with these beings/messengers. They may have forms or not, depending on what is required. You must learn to open your minds and allow your links to other worlds and consciousness to be who and what they are.

We do not come from doctrine but from true faith. When you pray, pray from your inner being/heart. Be honest and straight forward. We do not need to bargain with you or force you to submit. Those who are your brethren (either male, female or no ties to sexual identities), choose to help each of you. Respect them for what they truly are as you would want to be respected for what you truly are. Do not lie to them or try to convolute for they can read into your souls. Trying to be clever with them does you no service.

Some may give you labels to refer to them but others will not. As you awaken and allow your group of helpers to be who and what they are, you will know that you are in good hands (so to speak). Trust what comes through to you to be perfectly suited for you. This piece is vital for you to now expand because many would try and tell you how to control angels or other realm beings. That is not your job or task. It is your job or task to honor and respect those committed to bridging different worlds with you. When and if you desire companionship and help from your link beings, then just call on them and they are part of you so they are with you. They offer their love, help and support freely to you. Please respect that. They are not your servants but part of your team.

Love and Light