Thursday, June 16, 2011

Preparing for Change

There is a shifting taking place. Many of you are in the throws of great change. With this, you might notice that your teams are changing. The energy around you is shifting as you are shifting. You are linked to the guides who are with you and you will often resonate with their energy. So, you might find you have different likes and dislikes and your personality may shift as the energies linked with you shift. This is normal. You are evolving and growing. This is part of the evolutionary progress that will propel you to your work and new life.

Those who accompany you will also shift and change. Again this is normal. There is nothing to fear or worry about. All the adjustments are being put in place for a great purpose. The desire to hold onto the past, while moving into the future, will get in the way. Know you are taken care of and all who are involved are part of the decisions. If your guides are to change, they are part of the decision process of who will come in to take over. Whoever comes in will come in with great love and compassion for you. Your work is being prepared. It is time to make the decisions of moving forward or staying put in what you perceive as safety.

Your lives teeter in the throws of decisions and change. What will be your choice? If you are committed to evolving, then you must be willing to relinquish the past and open to the future. Much is in store for you now for those willing to step into their power.

(We are moving into a space where we are collective energy and have no name for signatures. We hope that we have built trust with you. If you don‘t feel the connection, just tune into whether our information resonates with you. If it doesn‘t, then this message is not pertinent to you. Some will need to hold onto the old ways and beings and you may do so. Our information will resonate with those able to release and ascend to the next level.)