Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rebuild on a Foundation of Love!

We were asked about those who preach fear and hatred. Those who express the need to repent and accept their teachings and beliefs or face eternal damnation. From what we have taught you, does that even resonate as any part of truth? If words and actions produce creations is that what you wish to support and create?

Many humans got the creation system wrong. They built civilizations on fear instead of the true foundation of love. They focused on what they perceived as lack instead of the bounty that really exists.

Many fear they will cease to be but the soul will always continue in one form or another. The form you take now and in all directions of time is and has always been up to you.

Those who come from love and compassion will always hold their connection to the Divine. Though you may not always be aware of that connection, it is there.

The ancient Egyptians felt as long as you are remembered, you will exist. In the terms of existence, you always transmute and there are beings on different planes of existence who will know you. So, there is always someone to remember you, in whatever form you take. All that ever is or was exists and only changes and evolves. Whether your earth keeps its current form or evolves into another form, there is no end. All constantly changes and exists.

Many of you think that the only reason to be good and kind is because of judgment from the Heavens, yet that is not the reason to be good and kind. You should be kind, loving and compassionate because it is the better way to be in all realities. Fear not transitions. Instead, be open to each day and celebrate the gifts you have right now. Treat others with respect and honor, even if that means to step away from them. There is room for all of you in this realm.