Monday, August 26, 2013

What would you tell humanity about the death penalty?

We only see life. We don’t understand your perception of death. You are in human forms and that is your sense of reality. Your spirit is in your body but when you leave your shell, your spirit is still in existence. So, when you have someone murdered or die from trauma, they are not dead, they are only transformed into another existence.

We believe your question is really based on humans who would kill or harm others in a violent act. We would only advise you to contain that energy. Your earth holds a duality. There is what you perceive as good and evil. This comes from choices humans pick. You don’t change violent behavior by being violent. It is not your job to change anyone. So, we see that you are better off, containing those who would harm the physical and mental forms around them.

No one has control over you, unless you give them control over you. You choose to relinquish your power. In some cases, you may need to do this to safely get out of certain situations. If you are in a karmic loop with another, where there is violence, we would ask you to stop the loop. You do this by choosing to release the karmic loop and stepping away from violence and abuse. Even if you feel there is no choice, there is always a choice. Pray for guidance and you will receive it. There is always help around you.


Yahweh and the Light Bringer