Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trust that what we present to you is what is needed. We are not asking you to fit into what you have been taught or believe. This is a time to expand way beyond anything you have known or believed in the past. We enter a new era.

Those of you who have done psychic readings in the past, know that your work is evolving. You are not here to work with many who are stuck in the old ways. You are moving into a new form of energy. This will not fit your past. So, if you get that you may not work with someone, don’t force it. Step aside. Release your fears of the future and move forward. You will be protected and watched over in this transition. This is not a place of ego.

You can’t try to be an ego being and spirit being together. They are different pathways. The time of straddling the fence is over. You must pick one way and follow what comes of that path. No matter what your path, you may ask for guidance on that path. That will be perfect for you, as a being. You may not assign who comes with you on any path. The right beings will show up there. You will know, if these messages apply to you. We only share this information because some of you needed some additional guidance for how your lives are shaping up right now.


Yahweh and the Light Bringers