Monday, July 15, 2013

For many of you who are lamenting not having a relationship partner right now, you are on the wrong track. If you were to have such a partner, you would be blocked from doing what you are intended to really be doing right now. Your work does not involve coupling, at this stage. Your focus would be better served by opening to your guidance and asking how you may help each day. If you find yourself feeling depressed or alone, instead ask, how you may be of help. Pay attention to your senses and where you are guided to be or what you may be asked to think about. It could be a simple as just being home or resting. Know that you are doing something beyond your human bodies, when these requests are presented.

There may be a time in your future where you may fall in human love and get married or as we refer to coupling. You will know it, when it happens. Right now, there are more important pieces falling into place and we need all of you to do what you are guided to do. Freedom to follow your true work and path is necessary. So, don’t fight what is happening in your life, based on what you see in other people’s lives. You need to move beyond such energy. Know that what you have right now is perfect for you. We need you to all start trusting your own pathways.