Saturday, June 22, 2013

Many of you look for leaders and people to tell you what to do and how to do this. This is because you have been taught to not trust what is within you. Many of you have been taught by others who wanted to control you. If you notice babies will be very clear on aspects of their lives and journeys but humans often teach them to discount what they know. Your natures will only be suppressed for so long before they must be what they truly are.

The truth for each of you resides in each of you. You won’t be taking others along with you on your courses of action and existences. Those who belong with you, will be there to accompany you. You are not meant for what you think you know. You are meant for something else entirely that will be revealed to each of you accordingly. There are as many pathways as there are beings. So, you don’t need to make anyone understand your way or path. It is yours to pursue and manifest. Others must be allowed to follow where their soul leads them. Know this is all based on love and not meant as a means to harm anyone or anything. There is no need for pain or fear. Those are all human creations. Know you are destined for something that we see as very exciting.