Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We hear many humans speak of God’s word. These people are referring to quotes from the Bible or some other scriptures. They think that someone is more pious because they are able to quote passages. They think that the only laws of man should come from scriptures written many centuries ago. Mankind is evolving. If you must get stuck on passages or words of God, focus on love. That is one of God’s highest perceptions. Then, you may progress towards kindness, compassion and respect for all life. Mankind thinks that all creations are there for the benefit and use of man. All that was created is valued and important.

Vengeance, war, domination are creations of mankind that stem out of fear or the need to be more powerful than another being. These concepts are allowed because of God’s love and the creation of Free Will. Mankind was given many choices and opportunities to create out of God’s love. God then gave options and wanted to see what mankind would do with them. What brings you towards God and what takes you away from God? Love and higher vibrational living will take you towards God. War, anger, fear, domination will take you away from God. The choice is always yours. There were bountiful resources created so that all may prosper. Yet, many would deny basics to some while others hoard much of the resources. Greed doesn’t come from love. It comes from fear. So, pay attention to what you are creating and focusing on. You have the power to change whatever isn’t working in your life right now.