Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When people speak of their dreams, passions and desires but then do nothing towards their goals and aspirations, are they really their true dreams, passions and desires. If you espouse that something is really important to you but then find excuses why you can’t do whatever you are espousing, ask yourself why you can’t get motivated to do that dream, desire or passion. If you find that something always gets in the way of your progressing with what you say is your true love, you need to question what is getting in the way. Is this a true desire, dream or passion? Is the timing off? Is it time to move into another direction?

There are times where you feel inspired to do something but you procrastinate and then the urge is gone. There some things in life where the timing does matter. If you wait too long, someone else will create what we went to you to create. Other times, there may be something that needs to be done first. Every so often it is good to re-evaluate what you are doing and make sure it is still the right course of action for you. We don’t say this to make you feel that someone is punishing you for not taking action. We say this because we put out ideas to many people. Some will act on things right away. Other people will find excuses or discount the information. Some need to put a lot of energy into researching something and others just find ways to create. Have you ever seen something advertised and thought that it was your idea but you never did anything with it? This is because we do place the ideas in the heads of many. So, don’t come up with excuses to not do something. Look for ways to do what is within you and wants to be express creatively.