Monday, June 17, 2013

Dear Ones,

We would like to suggest a process to you. You have figured out that you who are here for work that is beyond human work, are not of the human race. You have allowed your essence to be placed into a human form. So, the physical portion of you must exist in human form but what is within you is not human. So, what you must learn to do is connect with your true essence and learn to create from your soul. You will find your world is very different from your programming. Your way of creating and existing on the earth will also be different from those around you.

We know that many of you have been brought up with human religions. These religions are not of your true nature. We come from a place that is connected to the all that is so when you are connected with this, you have no need for rituals and doctrines from your specific teachings. Come from direct source and you will know what is required of you on a much deeper spiritual level. This is still a connection to the Divine but it has no need for human history in the connection. You are simply to connect with your source energy and guidance system. Yes, there is God, what you call angels and many other forms of beings but we hold no doctrine but love. Each being serves different purposes. Many who are among you have different soul lineages. As you become aware of your true soul lineage, you will be able to create accordingly. You will understand how you fit in the systems of the all that are.


The Light